Many, many years ago a great man impressed upon me the importance of sharp hooks. He preached they needed to be “sticky” sharp. With my obsessive personality, I took the lesson to heart. So much so that I soon acquired the nickname “Sticky Hooks”. And it stuck. Over the years since, Sticky became my alter-ego on fishing and hunting trips. Sticky’s website is devoted to sharing the many memories of the amazing fishing and hunting trips with Sticky’s great friends. We have decided to make it a member’s only website. Membership is easy. You simply have to have a passion for fishing and or hunting (preferably both) and a true love for our great country and the honorable men and women that serve or have served in our military and the families that support them. Specifically, membership dues are a yearly contribution of at least $100 per year to an affiliated scholarship fund – “Thank You For Your Service Scholarship”. Contributions are 100% tax deductible. Please join us in supporting our troops by visiting the scholarship website and making your donation. Membership in Sticky’s family of friends has other great benefits too. Join us and see!